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Relevant Content By Courses
The SimpliTaught Learner-Centric Ecosystem

The SimpliTaught Learner-Centric Ecosystem

  • SimpliTaught curates, evaluates, and presents content directly to the learner/student
  • Content includes free public domain assets, plus premium tier proprietary content
  • Content is presented based on learner preferences
  • SimpliTaught is a collaborative ecosystem for the creation, sharing, and distribution of learning resources

Results Based On User Preferences

The adaptive learning platform provides content, key concepts and classes each student is studying/researching. What is recommended for one student is different from what is recommended for another student. Some students prefer access to physical books, some enjoy a hybrid learning environment, and others prefer completely online learning experiences.

Just like Netflix suggests programming to its subscribers, SimpliTaught uses AI and Machine Learning algorithms to suggest the best content for each user. These smart systems process and provide data for students to increase match rate to the best learning tools, whether it’s curated lectures, videos from favorite educators, or exam prep guides. The more SImpliTaught is utilized, the better it can understand a student’s learning style , thus guiding them to the most helpful resources.

Results Based On User Preferences

The Many Benefits Of SimpliTaught For Students

SimpliTaught’s Smart Recommendations:

  • We use a unique AI+ML model that understands your learning behavior and…
  • Identifies key learning areas based on your interaction with the platform.
  • Offers smart content recommendations that perfectly match your learning preferences.
  • Suggests educators that best align with your learning needs.
The SimpliTaught Learner-Centric Ecosystem
My Drive

My Drive

  • Store and manage study materials for research and projects.
  • Create folders for your classes.
  • Share folders/projects/assignments with your peers or educators.
  • Access study materials and other course content from anywhere on any device.


  • Annotate digital assets, with video and audio annotations time-stamped to designated spots in a presentation.
  • Easily select a learning digital asset and comment on it.
  • Students and educators associated with the course can view your comments.
  • Share your annotated assets in project groups or peer study sessions with other students.
Exam Library

Exam Library

  • Contains a collection of annotated assets, study materials, and other resources.
  • Helps you prepare for upcoming exams like a pro!
  • Collaborate and share annotations/notes/study materials with your peers.

Chat/Video Call Session

  • Makes real-time interaction a reality.
  • Offers enhanced collaboration among students and educators.
  • Seamless communication between students and educators through video sessions.
  • Video conferencing, whiteboards, live chats, and screen sharing are at your fingertips.
  • Start an online live class immediately.
Chat/Video Call Session
SimpliTaught DAM


  • A single-stop location for all learning digital assets.
  • Searching for content around textbook key concepts becomes an easy-breezy task.
  • Scours the internet for the digital content you are looking for.
  • Helps with more learning and less searching, saving your time and energy.

SimpliTaught Facilitates Collaboration Between Learners Studying The Same Content

The SimpliTaught platform is social in nature, with a chat feature that creates a learning environment among students and educators.
Students from different universities who are taking the same courses can share notes, helpful resources they’ve found, discuss chapters, and more.

Students also have the ability to follow or unfollow educators. The educators can post any additional
resources they feel will be beneficial to students such as class notes, a syllabus, lecture slides, and additional videos.