Frequently Asked Questions About SimpliTaught


What is SimpliTaught?

SimpliTaught is an online platform built to help students and educators get the most from learning. SimpliTaught curates digital content around popular textbooks, at a chapter level, to help students better understand the material. SimpliTaught also allows educators to curate digital content (e.g. YouTube videos) around specific textbook chapters.

Is SimpliTaught free to use?

Yes! Any content that is freely available in the public domain (e.g. YouTube videos) is free to view on SimpliTaught. Just create your free student login or a free educator login to access thousands of videos and other digital resources.

How Does SimpliTaught Work?

Not every student learns the same way SimpliTaught provides tailored learning tools to fill learning gaps. Students log onto SimpliTaught, select their textbook and chapter, choose materials tailored to their individualized learning style, and start learning in a way that makes sense to THEM as a unique learner. Simple, isn’t it?
Just like Netflix suggests programming to its subscribers, SimpliTaught uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to link students to the type of learning that helps them understand textbooks down to the chapter level. The SimpliTaught platform scours the
public domain to find digital assets linked to key concepts being presented within a course, and delivers optimized recommendations to the student based on the quality of the resource and the individual learning preferences of the student. The more a student uses the platform, the more targeted the suggestions become.
Students can also ‘follow’ certain educators they like and communicate with other students on the platform to promote a learning community and share helpful resources. Educators receive feedback on what students find helpful and where there is a gap in understanding materials allowing educators to tweak their lessons and the materials they curate. SimpliTaught also makes it easy for educators to create content right on the platform, or easily upload existing content so they don’t have to do twice the work.

What is the difference between a “student” account and an “educator” account?

Students can access content around textbook chapters to learn the material and can view/watch content curated by educators- they themselves cannot create or add learning content. Educators can curate content around textbooks chapters to share on the SimpliTaught platform.
These accounts will be verified by SimpliTaught, as the platform only allows verified educators to curate content around textbook chapters. This ensures that all content is vetted by seasoned academics

I signed up as an Educator, but am unable to curate and publish content around any chapter.

Only those educators who have been “verified” can curate and publicly display a chapter curation. To become a verified educator, you must complete and submit
the Educator Verification Form received via email at the time of sign up. Our team will review the information submitted, and reply with a decision in two-three business days.
During this time, your Educator status remains “Unverified”. As an Unverified Educator, you can curate content around a chapter, but cannot publicly display it on SimpliTaught.

How is SimpliTaught Different From a Learning Management System?

A learning management system is a software application or web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. SimpliTaught has thousands of textbooks and curated teaching resources, but does not track or assess the learning progress of students.
SimpliTaught is also social in nature, with a community chat and ‘follow’ features. This allows for cross university conversations where students can share information and follow/unfollow educators.

Why Do College Students Benefit From Using SimpliTaught?

SimpliTaught is a platform where students can access accurate information and alternative resources to those provided in the classroom in a single place. Rather than sift through unverified information from uncertain online sources, students are confident they are learning from accredited,
verified educators from around the world. In addition, the learning resources are available to search on the SimpliTaught platform, saving hundreds of hours of unnecessary searching.

Why Do Educators Benefit From Using SimpliTaught?

SimpliTaught is a single platform where educators can store and share information on the courses they teach.. Educators receive feedback on what students find helpful and where there is a gap in understanding of the materials, allowing educators to tweak their lessons and the materials they curate.

How Does an Educator Create Digital Teaching Resources?

Resources can be created right in SimpliTaught or they can be created outside the platform and uploaded, such as YouTube videos. Being able to upload existing teaching content saves time for busy educators!

What is the Best Way to Connect With Students Online?

There are many learning management systems available to teachers, but none of them allow direct communication with students like SimpliTaught. Our platform also provides educators with statistics on the usefulness of the resources they provide students. SimpliTaught is a community space where students can follow and unfollow teachers, and share information with them and other students to discuss course topics