The SimpliTaught Solution for

The success of an Institution depends on the success of its students and educators, and SimpliTaught finally provides the perfect platform for both! Institutions that employ SimpliTaught technology are choosing to place a powerful tool of success directly into the hands of their student and instructor population.


The SimpliTaught Benefits
for Institutions

  • A more engaging student experience
  • Improved use of educator time
  • Reduced course failure rates
  • Reduced dropout rates
The SimpliTaught Benefits for Institutions
Supporting Students & Instructors WIth Shared Digital Resources

Supporting Students & Instructors WIth Shared Digital Resources

The main priority of SimpliTaught is the success of the students. SimpliTaught is the first to market in this space to provide support to students. Providing high quality, individualized resources to support student learning is the most valuable piece of the SimpliTaught method.

With curated, accurate resources at the tip of their fingers, students have a say in how they learn material and can navigate a path to success on the SimpliTaught platform. Those who are struggling to learn with the materials provided are shown additional resources better suited to their learning needs through AI solutions, a wide network of additional digital resources, and educators beyond their own institutional offering.

Student and Instructor's Support

The social connection enabled through chat features and collaboration mean students can communicate with other students and with the educators on our platform. This shared space of digital resources benefits institutions by increasing student success and by providing feedback from the platform on the most successful educators, digital resources, and teaching methodologies.

Educators can find useful resources with little time wasted, and can collaborate with other departments or even other institutions to explore new ideas and practices for course content and effective teaching.

Student and Instructors' Support