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Who Did We Make SimpliTaught For?



SimpliTaught works with the student to truly understand their individual learning preferences...



Makes It Easy For Educators To Create, Upload, And Store Learning Materials...

Content Creator

Content Creator

Whether educators or content creators want to create and share content or simply want to expand their brand...



Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, we enable institutions to help...

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Universities Our Student's Study at

Australian National University
Belleuve University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Yale University
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Rutgers University

Using AI Technology, SimpliTaught Provides Students With:

AI and ML for Student Learing

Individualized Digital Resources For
Their Courses

Connections To Experts Around The

A Personalized Academic Experience That Enhances And Reinforces The Key Concepts The Student Is Struggling With, Down To The Chapter Level

Opportunities To Implement The Needed Resources To Fill Learning Gaps – Efficiently And Effectively

Resources Based On Reliable And High-Quality Content Publishers That Align With Their Individual Learning Preferences

Matching Students with Individualized Learning Resources

Just like Netflix suggests programming, SimpliTaught suggests the right content and digital resources based on students learning preferences.

Our platform takes the student's individualized learning preferences and cultivates classroom content in a collaborative space that supports the institution, the educators, and the students.

Individualized Learning Resources
Recommendation platform with learning preferences

What Do We Do?

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, our platform links students to the type of learning that helps them best understand their textbooks down to the chapter level.

How Do We Do It?

The SimpliTaught platform scours the public domain to find the digital assets linked to the key concepts being presented within a course.

What Comes Next?

We then deliver the optimized recommendations to the student based on (a) the quality of the resource and (b) the individual learning preferences of the student.

Succeed With SimpliTaught

SimpliTaught is a content curation and collaboration ecosystem that leverages digital assets from the public domain to:

  • Improve Institutional Outcomes
  • Increase Educator Effectiveness
  • Engage Students With Targeted Resources Based On Their Individual Learning Preferences
Succeed With SimpliTaught

What is the SimpliTaught Model?

SimpliTaught technologies enable the learner to be at the center of their very own “Community of Learning”. This personalized community cultivates a comprehensive network of relationships – from institutions, instructors, and students, to publishers and content creators – all with the purpose of enriching the learning experience of the student, regardless of geography or social/economic limitations.

SimpliTaught Model

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What People Are Saying About SimpliTaught

I wish I had SimpliTaught during college! I wasted so much time looking for good content on the internet as a student.

Turki Alqahtani

Arizona State University graduate.