The Many Benefits of SimpliTaught for Educators


  • Present collections aligned to specific textbooks.
  • Create courses or topical presentations aligned on a thematic basis.
  • Share digital assets and course collections with students…
  • So they have access to the resources they need to ace their studies.
Content Creation & Curation

Content Creation & Curation

  • Create, host, and curate (with the help of AI) content around key learning concepts…
  • And benefit the broader academic community, translating into greater teaching impact and recognition.
  • Create content right on the platform or easily upload existing content (so you don’t have to do twice the work).

Enhanced Collaboration

  • Connect with students and provide lectures, lessons, and other resources…
  • Helping students master concepts they are struggling to understand through traditional textbook learning.
  • Foster intra-departmental collaboration among faculty members resulting in…
  • More effective and homogeneous quality of education across student cohorts.
Enhanced Collaboration
SimpliTaught My Drive


  • Store and manage your teaching materials for content and course curations.
  • Create and access folders and files online from anywhere.
  • Organize files and folders by subject or class.
  • Improve your students’ learning experiences and make teaching more efficient.

Chat/Video Call Session

  • Makes real-time interaction a reality.
  • Offers enhanced collaboration among students and educators.
  • Seamless communication between students and educators through video sessions.
  • Video conferencing, whiteboards, live chats, and screen sharing are at your fingertips.
  • Start an online live class with students immediately.
Chat/Video Call Session
Monetization & Global Reach

Monetization & Global Reach

  • Earn incremental revenue by creating content for student consumption.
  • Expose your proprietary content to students studying similar key concepts at other universities…
  • And make money without any significant incremental costs.
  • A chance to develop your educational brand beyond your institution and have a global reach.

SimpliTaught Provides Efficient, Effective Identification of Supporting Content to Extend & Enhance Learning

  • Educators receive feedback on the views and utilization of the tools they curate.
  • They get access to statistics on materials students are searching for and using.
  • SimpliTaught uses AI to continuously improve the ability to match the right students with the right educators.
  • We enable educators to see what chapters students are struggling with.
  • It also shows the materials students use (and do not use) and what they’ve found beneficial.
  • Ultimately, it empowers educators to extend learning capabilities outside classrooms and enhance the learning experience and students’ success rate.
Effective Identification of Supporting Content
Single Location To Host All Digital Assets

A Single Location To Host All Digital Assets

  • Educators can create “Gold” versions of their courses through SimpliTaught.
  • They can add their favorite additional resources and notes on course sections.
  • They can include additional materials students need to be successful.
  • Additional material may include course syllabi, coursework, educational videos, and more!
  • Materials are easy to create, upload, and store for years on the platform.