Our dedicated team has created SimpliTaught, considering the modern needs of education. The innovative and easy-to-use platform gives a very personalized learning experience enabling students and educators to interact with each other and the digital content.

EdTech Platform

Technology & Process

Data Is Collected In ST’s Cloud

All the data that we collect, including personal data, usage data, and cookies, are stored in ST’s cloud. We collect this information to provide and improve our services to you. Our cloud-based system is one of the best in the edTech industry, and we continuously strive to protect your data at all costs.

Data Processing Through AI+ML Engine

Once the data is collected, it is processed through our trained AI+ML engine to give you personalized results and experience on our website. The data is processed based on how you interact with the platform.

Serving Users With Personalized Curations

Our AI+ML engine enables us to understand, interpret, and analyze how you have interacted with the digital content, thus allowing us to give personalized curations to learners and other valuable users of the platform.