Organizational Ethics: A Practical Approach

Craig E. Johnson


4th Edition



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1. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)


This video creates a deeper understanding on the ethical responsibilities required from a manager. It defines the term ethics, values along with ethical dillemas. It describes the two value systems in conflict together with the approaches to decide ethical dilemmas. It also relates the Kohlberg's theories and explain how organizations can promote ethics.

2. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

Perspectives of Ethics Class 1

This video provides an introduction to personal ethical development and outlines six components that feed into the ethical standoards. It describes the idea of realistic self appraisal and discovering the vocation. It also explains the developing character and how to create a moral identity. Further it adds the concept of drawing upon spiritual resources as well.

3. Complete Chapter - 3 Video(s)

Chapter 3 Overview ORG500

This video gives an overview of the chapter revolving around the ethical decision making. It discusses the role of emotions and the identification of ethical problems. It also talks about the model proposed by risk including the elements of ethical action.

Ethical Decision Making Component 1

This video starts the concept building with emotion in moral decision making. It describes the component of moral sensitivity or recognition together with moral imagination. Additionally it defines the expression of moral intensity and tips for enhancing the ethical sensitivity.

Moral Judgment - Rest Component 2

This video entails with the conception of second component i.e. moral judgement. It defines the process of cognitive moral development and the destructive motivations. Adjacently it adds the impression of cognitive biasness alongside few tips to improve moral judgement.

4. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

Forms of power lecture

This video emphasizes on the influence of exercisizing ethical values. It discusses the forms of power and organizational politics. While adding the notion of sources of power along with an explanation on is it possible to have too much power.

5. Complete Chapter - 2 Video(s)

Conflict Management part 1

This video begins with an introduction to conflict management and its six steps to ensure ethical behavior in conflicts. It addresses the concept in a positive way or negatively the outcomes are going to result in a dysfunctional workplace.

Conf Management part 2

This video continues with the steps involved in conflict management. It explains the development of conflict guidelines along with employing collaborative conflict management tactics. In addition, it describes the need to be prepared for ethical apologies.

6. Complete Chapter - 4 Video(s)

Ethical Leadership Overview

This video describes how to promote ethics within the organization. It also explains how to identify the conditions that lead to poor ethics. Alongside it also addresses the good and dark side of leadership in an organization.

Leadership Ethical Challanges

This video lays out the foundation of ethical performance of any organization. It describes the ethical leaders functions along with few of the challenges that are unique to leadership. Later it gives explanation if an unethical leadership means to fail morally as a manager.

Shadow side of Leadership Ethics

This video explains the shadow or the dark side of leadership. It involves an description on the failure to meet the ethical challenges of leadership that leads to misbehavior. It also narrates the four approaches to the nature and origins of destructive leadership.

Normative Ethical Leadership

This video builds understanding on the concept of normative leadership that tell leaders how to act ethically. It explains the selfless behavior along with a detailed discussion on its theories.