M: Business

O. C. Ferrell and Geoffrey Hirt and Linda Ferrell

McGraw Hill

5th Edition



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1. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 - Introduction to Business: Wrap-Up - Weeks 1-2, Part 1

This video gives a quick overview of the term Business Economics and exemplifies the situation by bringing forth an example of global business. It then explains the tangible or intangible services, the ability to profit alongside the strategical need of marketing. It discusses the competitive environment and the four roles of management. Furthermore, it explains the economic fundamentals of business and the three types of economic systems.

2. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 - Introduction to Business: Wrap-Up - Weeks 3-4, Part 1

This video particularly discusses business ethics and social responsibility. It states the example of Enron's rise and fall as a great company along with United Airlines. It explains Wells fargo culture, values and ethics to demonstrate the difference between their earlier and present policy. Moreover it describes the four stages of social responsibility.

1. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch2 w narration

This video guides on the ethical decisions in today's business. It discusses the social responsibility and its comparison with ethics. The laws and regulations and the recognization of ethical issues is also briefed. While it also explains the strategies to be applied with the employees for a healthy environment. Additionally the three factors that influence business ethics are also illustrated by the side of the arguments against social responsibility.

3. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 - Introduction to Business: Wrap-Up - Weeks 3-4, Part 2

This video focuses on Business in a borderless world. It begins with the defination of international trade, its history and the globalization in the modern degrees of engagement. It also represents a table regarding the US trade deficit leading on to the international trade barriers. It states the benefits of world imports along with free trade agreements and the management of globalization.

2. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch3 w narration

This video entails with the conception of international trade by giving few relatively interesting examples on Subway and Mcdonald's. It defines why international business is important, why nations trade besides the barriers in international trade. It states the laws and regulations followed by exchange controls and the trade agreements or organizations. Moreover it defines the global and multinational strategy to get involved in an international business.

4. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 - Introduction to Business: Wrap-Up - Weeks 3-4, Part 3

This video lays out the foundation of organizing the business by explaining several terminologies i.e. small business, sole proprietorship, partnership and corporations primarily through a table. While moving on to other formations in a business and their considerations ending on an explanation on why start a business.

3. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch4 Revised with Narration

This video focuses on the sole proprietorship, partnership, corporations discussing their types as well. It mentions the advantages and disadvantages of these business ownership categories. Meanwhile it also aims to guide on the other several important considerations i.e. board of directors, preferred and common stocks, mergers and the latest trends in business ownership.

4. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch5 with narration

This video particularly goes over the nature of entrepreneurship. It starrts off be defining small business, the innovation and the industries that attract small businesses. It demonstrates few advantages and disadvantages of small businesses besides the forms of business ownership. Moreover it mentions the demographic, technological and economic trends to make big businesses.

5. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 - Intro to Business: W5 -6 Wrap-Up, P1: Nature of Management

This video initiates by creating understanding on management, managers, management roles and planning. It depicts the strategic, strategic tactical operational and tactical operational executed in the process. It continues to define managerial skills and decision making process by a proper plan orientation.

5. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 100 Ch6 Revised

This video enfolds the notion of the importance of management, the role of manager involving the strategic plans leading to crisis management. It illustrates the levels of management and the managing of automation in the workplace. It defines the human relation skills for an authentic leadership along with the steps involved in the decision making process.

6. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 - Intro to Business: W5 -6 Wrap-Up, P2: Organizational Culture, Structure, & Communication

This video goes over the main concept and describes organizational culture, structure and communication. It explains the importance of culture, its origin and drivers. Additionally the conception of organizational development, the structural forms along with the need of groups and teams is briefed as well. It pays attention to the importance of communication and few prompts to gain understanding.

6. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch7 with narration

This video provides knowledge on the organizational culture alongside the attitudes and behaviors associated with the corporate culture. It evaluates the structure through various prospects while mentions the approach of centralized and decentralized. Moreover it discusses the flow of communication in an organizational hierarchy and the ways communication effectiveness can be improved.

7. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch8

This video lays out the foundation of managing for quality competitiveness by defining the operations management, the planning of the product and designing the operations processes. It explains the Computer assisted design and manufacturing heading to the supply chain management. Furthermore it describes the idea of outsourcing, managing quality and the review technique.

7. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 - Intro to Business - Wrap Up: Motivating Employees

This video brings in the idea of human relations, motivation, and goals. It describes the empployee motivations through few findings and studies addressing the self fulfillment, psychologiocal and basic needs. Work considerations are taken into account along with the motivational theory of McGregor. Further it moves on to goal setting theory, motivational strategies and describes the importance of motivating employees.

8. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch9 w narration

This video enlightens the audience on the nature of human relations and motivation. It describes the motivating process and the ways to retain good employees. The historical perspective on the employee motivation is shared along with its many theories i.e. Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, McGregor's theroy, Equity theory etc.

8. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 - Intro to Business - Wrap Up: Managing Human Relations

This video puts spotlight on employee lifecycle labor relations and diversity in the work force. It defines the nature of human resource management following the few factors. Moreover it describes the concept of compensation, negotiation tips by the side of managing unionized employees and workforce diversity.

9. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch 10 w narration

This video deals with the nature of human resources advantages or needs. It determines the job descriptions and specifications involving the whole recruitement process. It also focuses on the development of the workplace, training, performance appraisals with promotion etc. Adjacently it mentions the benefits or few management tactics suitable for the workplace.

10. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch11 w narration

This video explains the nature of marketing or the exchange relationship through the digital communication with customers. It demonstrates the functions of marketing, customers benefits and the evolution of the marketing concept. In addition to this it also mentions the marketing strategies including market segmentation and its approaches. Moreover it discusses the marketing information systems and the marketing environment.

11. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch 13 narrated

This video focuses on the digital marketing developing relationships creating e business. It discusses its characteristics, benefits and the concept of marketing mix. It explains the use of social networking platforms as the medium to communicate with the targeted audience. Additionally it guides about the social techno graphics and the disadvantages of the internet marketing.

12. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch 14 narrated

This video entails on the nature of accounting and the accounting standards. It mentions the internal and external users of the accounting information leading to the accounting cycle. It defines several terms i.e. income statement, balance sheet, the statement of cash flows and profit margins etc.

13. Complete Chapter - 1 Video(s)

BUS 101 Ch 15 narrated

This video introduces to the types, functions and characteristics of money in the financial system. It mentions fed tools for regulating the money supply along with other regulatory functions of the Fed. The credit unions and mutual savings banks by the side of impact of financial crisis is explained.