"Knowledge is not a destination reached by going down a lane with bumper rails. Some of us desire a destination that won’t be slowed down by such obstacles” – Ali Rizvi 

Ali Rizvi –Founder

A leader in the purest sense, Ali brings with him 15 plus years of success inspiring and leading organizations to exceed their goals and set the highest standards of excellence.  In his previous roles, Ali has defined structures and processes for Engineering, Operations, Marketing, Sales and Business Development, Pricing and Product Development as well as Customer Relations. Ali Rizvi’s Business development skills have yielded some very strategic alliances throughout his career.  Through his leadership at Global Crossing, Ali was instrumental in growing the Sony Pictures relationship to over $1.5 million per month ($54 million TCV) along with a market growth from $2 million monthly to $5 million monthly ($180 million TCV).  At En Pointe, Ali was able to secure relationships with some of the largest distributors in the country, such as Westcon, Tech Data, and other partners, while building the organization and growing revenue.

Atif Ikram (PHD)– Finance - Founder

Dr. Atif Ikram is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Finance at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Prior to joining ASU, Dr. Ikram served as a finance faculty member at Rutgers Business School and at Wayne State University’s Mike Ilitch School of Business. During this time Dr. Ikram has taught several undergraduate, graduate and executive education level courses in economics and finance, and has also won numerous awards for teaching excellence. His research and consulting interests lie in empirical corporate finance, particularly corporate governance and valuation. Dr. Ikram received his Masters in Economics and PhD in Finance from Arizona State University


The two founders are leveraging their experience, creativity and entrepreneurial zeal with their newest venture- SIMPLITAUGHT. When Ali’s daughter, Sahar, was told by an instructor that she wasn't learning fast enough, Ali decided it was time to get involved. His daughter was getting more and more distraught. It turned out, the teacher had a very specific way of teaching and never took the time to see if his daughter could adjust to the style. In fact, his daughter is quite brilliant but was more analytical than her teacher. It was then that Ali realized that there was a gigantic gap between how knowledge is given versus gained. 

Atif, a PHD in Finance and a professor at ASU, was troubled by the same concerns with the students he taught and was conscious of the fact that education as a whole needed a new approach.  Atif had visibility and perspective from both the educator and the students he was teaching.

Ali and Atif discussed these mutually shared frustrations and agreed that something needed to be done to bridge this gap.. He too believed that Ali’s daughter was not getting the education she deserved. Ali and Atif have collaborated on Their quest- to help the Sahar’s of the world gain access to educators that fit their learning style.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to enrich the learning experience through an ecosystem that allows students access to teaching styles that are best suited to their individual, learning style.  There is a gap between many instructors' styles and how our students prefer to learn... It's time to fill that gap!

Our Vision:

To make our platform available to everyone, in every corner of the world so that the exchange of knowledge will transcend geo, political, and cultural boundaries.